Fisher is a pre-stain manufacturing facility located in Squamish, BC specializing in semi transparent, high quality coatings on both wood and fibre cement products for commercial and residential installations.

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Custom Solid Colour Coatings for James Hardie

When imagining the final look for your new build or renovation project the ideal colours for your fibre cement are one of the most important elements.

Why choose TrueColour ?

  • Through years of experience working with Architects, Designers and discerning project owners Fisher has developed the TrueColour process for James Hardie products.
  • With TrueColour there is essentially no limit to the colours options available to you for your fibre cement cladding materials.
  • Fisher is committed to helping beautify your project with quality coating products, a progressive automated coating process and exceptional lead times for custom pre-finishing.

fisher coating icon 60 SPECIFICATIONS


Plank | Shingles | Panels | Trim  | Soffit


James Hardie Fibre Cement


Single Family | Multi-Family | Commercial


■ James Hardie 30 year warranty on Substrate


■ Coatings are applied in a controlled factory environment
■ TrueColour™ coatings are specifically formulated for fibre cement
■ Tested to industry leading standards for long term adhesion and weatherability

TrueColour™ | Lap Siding
Single Family Classic
Booth Bay Blue | Plank + Shingles
TrueColour™ | Siding & Panel
Cobble Stone Plank + Mountain Sage Panel
TrueColour™ Siding x Custom Pre-Finishing
Single Family Westcoast
Iron Gray Plank + Custom Pre-Finishing
TrueColour™ | Multi-Colour Panel
Various Colour & Size Panel
TrueColour™ | Artisan Collection
TrueColour™ | Artisan Collection
Single Family Modern


1. Select Product

Fisher Coating TrueColour™ Plank Siding
Fisher Coating TrueColour™ Shingles
Fisher Coating TrueColour™ Panel
Fisher Coating TrueColour™ Trim
Fisher Coating TrueColour™ Soffit
Fisher Coating TrueColour™ James Hardie Artisan Collection

2. Select Texture

Choose from natural cedar with soft texture that mimics wood or a modern, clean look.

Fisher Coating TrueColour™ James Hardie Cedarmill
Fisher Coating TrueColour™ James Hardie Smooth

3. Select Colour

With TrueColour™ there is essentially no limit to the colour options available for your fibre cement cladding materials.

Popular Colour Matches

Fisher Coating TrueColour™ Arctic White
Arctic White
Fisher Coating TrueColour™ Light Mist
Light Mist
Fisher Coating TrueColour™ Rockport Gray
Rockport Gray
Fisher Coating TrueColour™ Gray Slate
Gray Slate
Fisher Coating TrueColour™ Boothbay Blue
Booth Bay Blue
Fisher Coating TrueColour™ Timber Bark
Timber Bark
Fisher Coating TrueColour™ Mountain Sage
Mountain Sage
Fisher Coating TrueColour™ Traditional Red
Traditional Red
Fisher Coating TrueColour™ Iron Gray
Iron Gray
Fisher Coating TrueColour™ Black Magic
Black Magic

4. Receive a free colour match sample

5. Approve colour & quantity

6. Fisher creates your custom material

Custom Colour Application

Are you interested in applying a custom colour to your fibre cement project? We can help you achieve the perfect look for your unique project needs.

Free Samples

Do you like what you have read about TrueSoffit™ and want to see the product in person? We offer free samples shipped to your location so you can view the product in hand.


James Hardie Substrates Warranty

James Hardie provides a 30-year substrate warranty on their cementitious products. The application of Fisher Coating products does not alter the James Hardie substrate warranty. To view specific James Hardie substrate warranty information for your region click the MORE INFORMATION button.

Fisher’s Good Partner Quality Policy

At Fisher we believe when a customer works with us in supplying material for a project they deserve to get what was promised. We also believe in continually striving for quality in what we do. Sometimes things don’t go as planned and that’s when customers find out what kind of partner Fisher really is to them in the construction of their project. Please read through Fisher’s Good Partner Quality Policy in full.

The TrueGrain Series™ is produced by Fisher Coating on James Hardie substrate and distributed by CanWel.
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