Fisher is a pre-stain manufacturing facility located in Squamish, BC specializing in semi transparent, high quality coatings on both wood and fibre cement products for commercial and residential installations.

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Pine T&G Soffit and Interior Cladding

Enhance the look of your project with professionally pre-finished pine.

Offered in both a modern square edge Fineline and classic VGroove profile Fisher’s PureSoffit™ is produced in a wide range of colours and is the ideal option to beautify your project as either an exterior soffit or interior ceiling/wall covering.

Fisher factory applies our environmentally friendly low VOC coatings using our proprietary Complete Coverage System to ensure all surfaces, including the tongue and groove, are properly covered and beautifully protected.

Fisher’s complete coverage process helps ensure trouble free installation and a longer lasting fit and finish.

PureSoffit™ is available in British Columbia milled end matched 1×4, 1×6 & 1×8 STK KD Pine and is ideal for a wide range of Single Family, Multi-Family and Commercial Projects.

Why choose PureSoffit ?

  • Professionally prefinished pine enhances the aesthetic of most any project
  • Ideal for exterior soffit, interior ceiling and wall applications
  • 11 program colours to choose from
  • Factory applied finishes using Fisher’s advanced, automated pre-coating system
  • Backed by over 20 years of industry experience

fisher coating icon 60 SPECIFICATIONS


■ 1×4, 1×6 & 1×8 Tongue and Groove

■ Available in both Fineline & V Groove profiles

■ End matched for ease of installation


■ Premium, #2 & BTR SPF, Kiln Dried

■ Sourced and milled in British Columbia


Single Family | Multi-Family | Commercial

Value Added:

Factory Applied Coating with Fisher’s Complete Coverage System ensures T&G profile is fully coated

Touch-Up Kits:

Available in colour match quarts from Fisher.

Complete Coverage System

Fisher’s superior coating products and application systems help ensure the fibre is fully protected, including the tongue and groove.


PureSoffit™ | Exterior Soffit
PureSoffit™ | Interior Wall Soffit
PureSoffit™ | Interior Ceiling Soffit


Fisher Coating PureSoffit™ | VGroove Profile
Fisher Coating PureSoffit™ | Fineline Profile


PureSoffit™ | VGroove Profile

Net Coverage: 1×4 = 3″ | 1×6 = 5″ | 1×8 = 7″

PureSoffit™ | Black Pepper VGroove
Black Pepper
PureSoffit™ | Classic Brown VGroove
Classic Brown
PureSoffit™ | Pony Brown VGroove
Pony Brown
PureSoffit™ | Venetian Gold VGroove
Venetian Gold
PureSoffit™ | Simply White VGroove
Simply White

Fineline available in Snow White

PureSoffit™ | True Clear VGroove
True Clear
PureSoffit™ | Fineline Profile

Net Coverage: 1×4 = 3″ | 1×6 = 5″ | 1×8 = 7″

PureSoffit™ | Stone Brown Fineline
Stone Brown
PureSoffit™ | Mocha Fineline
PureSoffit™ | Caramel Fineline
PureSoffit™ | Ash Grey Fineline
Ash Grey
PureSoffit™ | Coral Sands Fineline
Coral Sands
PureSoffit™ | True Clear Fineline
True Clear

Custom Colour Application

Are you interested in applying a custom colour to your PureSoffitTM? We can help you achieve the perfect look for your unique project needs.

Free Samples

Do you like what you have read about the PureSoffit™ and want to see the product in person? We offer free samples shipped to your location so you can view the product in hand.


Fisher’s Good Partner Quality Policy

At Fisher we believe when a customer works with us in supplying material for a project they deserve to get what was promised. We also believe in continually striving for quality in what we do. Sometimes things don’t go as planned and that’s when customers find out what kind of partner Fisher really is to them in the construction of their project. Please read through Fisher’s Good Partner Quality Policy in full.