Fisher is a pre-stain manufacturing facility located in Squamish, BC specializing in semi transparent, high quality coatings on both wood and fibre cement products for commercial and residential installations.

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fisher coating icon 60 Fisher’s Good Partner Quality Policy

At Fisher we believe when a customer works with us in supplying material for a project they deserve to get what was promised. We also believe in continually striving for quality in what we do. Sometimes things don’t go as planned and that’s when customers find out what kind of partner Fisher really is to them in the construction of their project.

When Fisher material lands on a project site and is being prep’d for installation we ask that the installer review the product to ensure it meets expectations. If there is an issue we ask that the material not be installed and to contact Fisher as soon as possible at 604.628.0272.

If the request not to install suspect material is not followed Fisher is limited in the level of support that be provided. Fisher’s guiding policy is that once material is installed it is considered accepted as good by the applicator.

Being the kind of partner that supports our customers is not only good for our customers but good for our business as we continue to grow. When it doesn’t go as planned Fisher will continue to work with you, our customer, doing as much as we can to help remedy any issues because that’s what a good partner will do.

Product Specific Warranties

fisher coating icon 60 TrueGrain™ Coatings Warranty

Fisher Coating applies a series of solid and semi-transparent OEM coatings to James Hardie substrates to produce the TrueGrain Series. Fisher Coating Ltd.’s warranty covers the coatings portion of the product only and is a prorated, transferable, 15 years.

fisher coating icon 60 James Hardie Substrates Warranty

James Hardie provides a 30-year substrate warranty on their cementitious products. The application of Fisher Coating products does not alter the James Hardie substrate warranty. To view specific James Hardie substrate warranty information for your region click the MORE INFORMATION button.

fisher coating icon 60 ABODO Built to Last Warranty – 15yrs

Limited warranty for Vulcan thermally modified timber supplied by ABODO

ABODO Wood warrants to the person who owns the building (the “Owner”) into which Vulcan (the “Product”) has been placed, that for 15 years from the date of supply the Product will resist fungal decay causing damage, so as to make the Product Structurally Unfit for the purpose for which it was first acquired and used, and subject to terms and conditions. Read more by downloading the warranty PDF.