Fisher is a pre-stain manufacturing facility located in Squamish, BC specializing in semi transparent, high quality coatings on both wood and fibre cement products for commercial and residential installations.

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The Burnt Wood Collection by Fisher

Shou Sugi Ban Look for Pre-Stained Cedar

Reveal the natural textual beauty of wood with the look of ancient Japanese Shou Sugi Ban.

What is Shou Sugi Ban?

Shou Sugi Ban is an ancient pre-finishing technique that originated in Japan in the 18th century to preserve exterior wood products, primarily Japanese cedar from the island of Yakushima, by charring the surface rendering it a deep charcoal black finish.

The blackening of the wood enhances distinct grain patterns and subtle lines within the fibre revealing the natural textural beauty.

The Benefits of Fisher’s Approach to the Ancient Japanese Burnt Wood Technique, Shou Sugi Ban.

In working closely with the Architect and Design community on a wide range of aesthetically unique projects over the last several years Fisher has developed a new approach to Shou Sugi Ban (Burnt Wood).

Fisher recognises the beauty in revealing and enhancing existing wood grain patterns. We also understand the additional costs and challenges with creating, installing and protecting charring wood prohibits its use on many projects.

Fisher has created an enhanced version of Shou Sugi Ban through our propriety mechanical and coating application process. The result is beautifully enhanced grain pattern in each board and wide range of colour combinations to suit virtually any architectural aesthetic.

The finished project provides many similar benefits to traditionally produced Shou Sugi Ban without the high cost and challenges in handling and installation.

fisher coating icon 60 SPECIFICATIONS

Product: 1×4 and 1×6 T&G 1/8 Gap

Substrate: KD STK Western Red Cedar

Value Added: Touch Up Kit Available

BurntWood Collection™ | Shou Sugi Ban
Shou Sugi Ban
BurntWood Collection™ | Shou Sugi Ban
Shou Sugi Ban
The BurntWood Collection™ | Custom Colour
BurntWood Collection™ | Night Sky
The BurntWood Collection™ | Custom Colour


The BurntWood Collection™ | Charred
The BurntWood Collection™ | Shou Sugi Ban
Shou Sugi Ban
The BurntWood Collection™ | Walnut
The BurntWood Collection™ | Ash
The BurntWood Collection™ | Light Burn
Light Burn
The BurntWood Collection™ | Light Ash
Light Ash
The BurntWood Collection™ | Aged Charcoal
Aged Charcoal
The BurntWood Collection™ | Night Sky
Night Sky
The BurntWood Collection™ | Coastal Mist
Coastal Mist
The BurntWood Collection™ | Beechwood
The BurntWood Collection™ | Smoky Tangerine
Smokey Tangerine
The BurntWood Collection™ | Burned Citrus
Burned Citrus

Custom Colour Application

Are you interested in applying a custom colour to your project but don’t resonate with any of the Fisher program colours? We can help you achieve the perfect look for your unique project needs.

Free Samples

Do you like what you have read about the TrueGrain Series™ and want to see the product in person? We offer free samples shipped to your location so you can view the product in hand.


Fisher’s Good Partner Quality Policy

At Fisher we believe when a customer works with us in supplying material for a project they deserve to get what was promised. We also believe in continually striving for quality in what we do. Sometimes things don’t go as planned and that’s when customers find out what kind of partner Fisher really is to them in the construction of their project. Please read through Fisher’s Good Partner Quality Policy in full.