Fisher is a pre-stain manufacturing facility located in Squamish, BC specializing in semi transparent, high quality coatings on both wood and fibre cement products for commercial and residential installations.

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Custom Pre-Finishing

Fisher has a rich history in custom pre-finishing of the finest wood cladding materials.

For over two decades Fisher has worked with discerning clients building quality homes in extreme coastal environments throughout the Pacific Northwest. Through experience the Fisher team has identified the highest performing coating products and developed industry leading application systems.

Why Pre-Finish with Fisher?

  • Fisher’s automated factory application system helps ensure a superior quality coating on prefinished material in terms of both durability and final appearance.
  • Fisher’s semi transparent and solid colour coating products are essentially fully customizable in terms of color allowing very little limit to the creativity of our customers.
  • Fisher uses a wide range of coating products in our prefinishing to ensure building materials have the proper coating for the intended application.
  • Our coating products can be applied to enhance the natural beauty and durability of a wide range of wood substrates used in interior or exterior T&G wall cladding, dimensional material or profiled siding.
  • With the experience gained from being based in the extreme weather region of British Columbia’s west coast region for over 20 years Fisher can confidently recommend coating products to help protect against exposure to severe temperatures, a wide range of humidity and moisture levels, as well as the impact of long term UV exposure.

fisher coating icon 60 SPECIFICATIONS

Coating Partners:

Cloverdale, Sansin, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Sioox

Common Wood Products:

Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Fir, Hemlock, Pine & Accoya, SPF

Popular Profiles:

VGroove and ⅛ Gap T&G soffit / wall panelling, dimensional material, bevel / shiplap / channel siding, structural beam packages

Popular Textured Finishes:

Smooth, Rough Sawn, Enhanced Grain

Value Added:

Factory applied coating with Fisher’s complete coverage system ensures material profile is fully coated and beautifully protected.

Fisher Coating Custom Pre-Finishing | The Rendezvous Whistler
Dimensional Material & Siding
Whistler Rendezvous
Custom Pre-Finishing | Custom Siding & Soffit
Single Family
Custom Wood Siding
Custom Pre-Finishing | Multi-Family Townhomes
Multi-Family Townhomes
Structural Beams & Custom Siding


Custom Pre-Finished Interior & Exterior Soffit
Custom Pre-Finished Interior Wall Panelling
Custom Pre-Finished Dimensional Material
Custom Pre-Finished Wood Siding
Custom Pre-Finished Structural Beams


Fisher’s Good Partner Quality Policy

At Fisher we believe when a customer works with us in supplying material for a project they deserve to get what was promised. We also believe in continually striving for quality in what we do. Sometimes things don’t go as planned and that’s when customers find out what kind of partner Fisher really is to them in the construction of their project. Please read through Fisher’s Good Partner Quality Policy in full.