Fisher is a pre-stain manufacturing facility located in Squamish, BC specializing in semi transparent, high quality coatings on both wood and fibre cement products for commercial and residential installations.

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Fire Coating

Fisher Fire Guard Series Class A

Fire prevention is fast becoming one of the most critical aspects of exterior and interior wall cladding applications. Fisher is leading the industry with an integrated fire coating option as part of our automated factory pre-finishing service. Fisher’s chosen fire rated coating products offer a range of benefits essential to modern building requirements.

Why choose Fisher Fire Coating?


Following the initial factory application Fisher’s fire coating products generally require little additional maintenance when compared to standard coating products.


To achieve compliance with the fire rating certifications and standards a consistent spray rate, application temperature, dry times and specified mil thicknesses must be maintained. Fisher’s automated, environmentally controlled factory application process is key to meeting these requirements.

Environmental Responsibility

fisher coating icon 60 SPECIFICATIONS


Wood Species: Western Red/Yellow Cedar, Spruce, Pine, Fir, Hemlock
Engineered Wood: OSB, LVL/LDL/LSL, Glulams


Siding, fences, log homes, timber frames, wood soffits, decks or outdoor furniture