Pre-Stain Coating

The Fisher tradition is based on using advanced coating systems in which we prime, paint or stain the finest quality wood products in a timely, cost effective and controlled environment. The result of our process is a high quality, finished product, ready for application.

Benefits of Pre-Stain:

⦁ Factory finishing costs 40% less than on-site finishing
⦁ Reduces the chance of weather delays
⦁ Coating is applied in a controlled environment, whereas variable weather conditions can lead to less desirable coating conditions and subsequent performance
⦁ Creates a uniform coating thickness, whereas variable coating thickness can cause premature coating failure


⦁ Clear Coatings
⦁ Semi-Transparent Coatings
⦁ Clear Fire Coatings
⦁ Custom Coatings

Pre- Stain Products & Services:

1. Custom Pre-Stain
2. Super Soffit Program
3. Trim & Fascia Program
4. Fibre Cement Program
5. TRUEGRAIN Program

Additional Services:

1. Wood Fire Retardant Coating
2. Touch-up Kits – to order –